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Quote1.png But Ah'm gonna win. 'Cause Ah'm fightin' for a woman Ah just realized is a friend. And now Ah'm fightin' for mah soul. Quote2.png

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Following her apprehension of Ms. Marvel, Rogues on in horror as Magik imprisons the hero in a section of limbo. Magik reveals that this is where she has housed each of the captured Avengers, with each member facing a form of torture specifically tailored to play off their individual fears and weaknesses. When Rogue tries to discuss the morality of herapproach, Magik brushes her concerns away. Rogue resolves to rescue Ms. Marvel and, after retrieving the Avenger, attempts to absorb Magik's powers in order to teleport herself and Ms. Marvel so safety. However, the Phoenix Force has rendered Magik immune to Rogue's abilities and she reveals that she allowed Rogue to enter limbo in the first place as a test of her loyalty. As Rogue turns against her and Cyclops, Magik teleports her to another world.

Solicit Synopsis


• Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel!

• By the end of this issue, one of these women will change their allegiance.

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