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Quote1.png David. I'm David Haller. My father's Charles Xavier--closest thing my species has to a bloody living saint[...] I grew up on a wee island in the arse-end of Scotland, have spent much of my life in an induced coma, and exhibit a suite of omega-level mutant skills almost without limit. My hair resist all attempt at restyling and I'm possibly one of the most powerful being in the world. I'm also-- to use the scientific term--#%#!%$ insane. But today...? Today I feel pretty good, all thing considered. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Prodigal: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Prodigal: Part 1"

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Legion, the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world and son to Professor Charles Xavier, has killed gods and reshaped the face of the universe. NOW! in the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men, Legion will finally attempt to conquer his demons and embrace his father’s legacy!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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