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Quote1.png Nothing brings people together like being told who to hate, aye. But nothing breaks 'em apart like havin' to think about it for themselves. Quote2.png
David Haller

Appearing in "Invasive Exotic: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Invasive Exotic: Part 3"

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Solicit Synopsis

  • To shut down the anti-mutant science cult known as “Darwyn’s Martyrs,” Legion is on the verge of making a tremendous sacrifice: forfeiting his mutant powers!
  • Little does he know, his girlfriend, young X-Man Blindfold, is rushing to his aid…and she’s recruited her own ragtag team of X-Men to help her!
  • And another thing Legion may not know? The mastermind behind Darwyn’s Martyrs may just be the villain in possession of his deceased father’s brain…(If you’re reading this, Legion: Watch out! It’s THE RED SKULL!)

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