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Synopsis for "The Place of Broken Things"

On a TV screen, Cyclops and members of his Extinction Team, including Magik and Tempus, are being interviewed while saving people from a building that has collapsed. Elsewhere, Gabrielle Haller is visiting her son, David, at his home on the ruins of Muir Island. David talks to the ambassador while leading her through the rubble. He explains how he created The Age of X so he could be a hero, and how Moria MacTaggert could still be alive, as she was the one who played the role of a mother in David's life. They embrace after she confesses how she never wanted to live in Charles' world, and David didn't either. As this happens, she gets transported inside his head, and meets his personalities, including the one that looks like an evil Professor X. Gabrielle tells David how after she told the real Charles she was pregnant, he said thank you. Just as the two are about to embrace once more, a bullet whizzes past David's head and hits his mother. David uses his powers to murder the murderers, Black Gold and President Abdi. Before she dies, his mother asks him not to heal her, to live in the human world. He then teleports to the Jean Grey School, where Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Blindfold, Pixie, Frenzy, and others rush outside to confront them. He uses his powers to make them no longer think he was there, except for his girlfriend Ruth. Blindfold comforts him after hearing the news. Meanwhile, Cyclops and members of his Extinction Team, including Emma Frost and Magneto, are cleaning up the remains of a Sentinel they stopped. Cyclops hears drums.

Solicit Synopsis

• David Haller has reshaped his life in response to his father’s legacy – but what about his mother’s?

• David returns to Muir Island to meet with Gabrielle Haller and sort out their complicated relationship once and for all!

• How will this visit affect the monsters that haunt David’s mind? Should some old memories remain buried?

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