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Quote1.png No one else'll do it, Ruth. No more waiting. No more dead parents. No more ignoring the enemy. Quote2.png
David Haller

Appearing in "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 1"

David is coping with the death of his mother by thinking about something else, how to hunt down Cyclops, the one who murdered his dad while possessed by the Phoenix Force. After all, David already killed his mom's murderers. David searches the news for leads of Cyclops' Extinction Team, and he finally finds them in a town in Montana, who are examining a new mutant whose power had just awakened, trapping everyone within 200 yards in a gum-like substance and then causing herself to faint. Blindfold, who is in David's head with him, supports his decisions, even if they will eventually lead to the destruction of mutant kind. The personality representing Evil Professor X taunts David. David ignores him and uses another personality, Tyrannix, to teleport to the Extinction Team.

Meanwhile, Cyclops is introducing new members of his team to the news, including Tempus, past Angel, and the Stepford Cuckoos. Legion and Ruth arrive in a dramatic bang, and David easily takes out all the new recruits, including their healer, Triage. He also manages to defeat Magneto, even with his anti-psychic helmet. He does so by activating one of his personalities to reverse gravity so Magneto's helmet can come off. Magik threatens to take out Ruth with her Soulsword, but David activates yet another personality, Hypnobloke, to get her to stop believing in magic. Emma Frost almost beats David, but then Blindfold punches her out. Now only Cyclops is left, and Legion challenges him to a no-powers fight, using only their fists and combat training. Elsewhere, since this is still being broadcast, Luca watches with excitement.

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