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Quote1.png One of us will end up killing the other. It is a vicious world where love isn't enough. Quote2.png
David Haller

Appearing in "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 2"

Legion is narrating his non-super powered fight with Cyclops to the readers, like he usually does in the beginning of these stories. He says how it isn't a Hollywood-style fight with choreography, and how you think you have even the slightest chance of winning against someone way more experienced than you. It isn't true that you'll emerge with dignity, winning with that golden punch, but it is true that you will lose and be humiliated, and on live TV at that. The only thing really driving the battle is hatred. It's Cyclops, the protege, versus David, the heir to the throne. David recalls how Luca knew how much hatred David could hold, because he thinks Luca is gone for good. David also states that there is a prophecy where he will become engulfed in a "world worm" of power, and either he'll kill his girlfriend Blindfold, or she'll kill him. Cyclops is getting angry, but he thinks he has learned from last time by stopping before it's too late. David eggs him on and uses a personality to zap him though, so Cyclops uses a powerful eye-blast to knock Legion into the force-field that Tempus has up over the fainted girl from last issue.

The force-field collapses and David combines with the girl's powers that created a gum-like substance, trapping people in a 200-yard radius inside. He becomes the world worm he was describing earlier. Ruth is deciding on whether or not to kill David to stop this, and he urges her to do so. Meanwhile, at a bar where the fight is being broadcast, a mysterious stranger with glowing blue eyes gets up and leaves. At the fight, as Blindfold is about to stab David with a sword, ending the prophecy once and for all, the mysterious stranger reveals himself to be Luca in the body of a cyborg, who attempts to stop Ruth, his sister.

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