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Appearing in "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Wear the Grudge Like a Crown: Part 3"

Legion thought Luca was dead. But, as he now explains, Luca survives in a pair of telekinetic glowing blue eyeballs that can possess hosts. Now, he's willing to kill his own sister so David can lose control of his powers. Right now, he's in a cyborg body threatening to kill Ruth, when suddenly his body is destroyed by Legion, back in control somehow. Legion reveals that he used Tyrannix, one of his many personalities, to help him with this, because none of this (the girl's powers or him as the world worm) actually happened. He did this to draw Luca out and finally stop him, which he now has. He also states that he never actually hated Cyclops. Cyclops didn't know this though, punched him, and let the Stepford Cuckoos activate something in his brain to make his personalities run wild. All anyone can do now, because they weren't informed of this plan of David's, is watch. They planted this poison activate in his brain as soon as he appeared, and if they had known, that wouldn't have happened at all.

As David's mind starts crashing, his personalities are set free. All of them, including Evil Professor X, who then breaks out of David and possesses the now yellow eyeballs of Luca.

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