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Ruth, aka Blindfold, is tossing and turning in her bed back at school. Legion was apparently taken, as they can only communicate telepathically, and suddenly David is even taken from that. David wakes up in the Peak VII, the command center of SWORD. The director, Abigail Brand, her telepath Sydren, and some guards are watching over him, strapped in a table trying to get back to Ruth. Brand tells him that he has been in stasis for a month ever since Cyclops' team destroyed his mind. SWORD is holding him captive only because they have the best facilities for him, and if he tried to escape, well, he's in outer space. Abigail tells him that they woke him because he had a visitor, Aarkus. David recalls that he used to be the first Vision in the golden-age, and when they recently met, he had gone crazy and tried to annihilate all mutants. Now, Aarkus will be judge and jury for what David did, or rather what Evil Professor X did. It took over Luca, who went back in the cyborg's body and renamed itself Fiend. The new super-villain attacked and defeated Cyclops' Extinction Team as well as Blindfold, who went back to the school. Fiend was the personality that represented David's hate. Now, this pure hate has been released upon the real world.

While Aarkus talks, David refuses to listen and instead looks into his mind. Aarkus is thinking about some kind of weapon, smoke, and mirrors. This weapon has destroyed worlds. Aarkus, meanwhile, is talking about how Fiend then left the cyborg body and went into something called the psychosphere, causing people around the world to commit untold horrors for absolutely no reason at all. Meanwhile, David realizes that this weapon is a Headman's Sword, and that some of the alien species that were supposed to go extinct actually survived. Legion blurts out loud that Aarkus and Abigail are worried that if they use this weapon on Fiend, either it won't work, he'll destroy it, or he'll use it for himself to kill more. Then, as he realizes it, Legion says that they will try and test it on him. Aarkus agrees, and sentences him to death via the Phoenix's Shadow.

Solicit Synopsis

One of Legion’s most troublesome personalities threatens to annihilate an alien species!

S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand is on the case – but will she be able to work with David to solve this extraterrestrial conundrum?

Odd couple adventures ensue as David and Brand team up to stop the destruction before it begins!

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