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Quote1.png Because when you're staring down the barrel the first thing you'll see is that it doesn't matter a jot if you'll be remembered or not. All that bloody matters, in that moment, is this: How %$@Ɛ£#$ hard you fought when Death came to take you. Quote2.png
-- David Haller

Appearing in "The Epitaph"

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Synopsis for "The Epitaph"

At the school, Ruth is having a nightmare about David, while he is at the Peak VII with Abigail Brand, Sydren, other agents of SWORD, and Aarkus. Legion's mind is falling apart as the "Phoenix's Shadow" attacks, while Ruth is screaming in her sleep, making Storm and other students rush by her side and attempt to help. Aarkus, watching David struggle, is feeling guilty for some reason. And David is trying to figure out how to stop this bird of death. He tries to look through Aarkus' head again, to see how some alien species survived this while countless others perished, as he soon will. He sees that they were strong enough, not just lucky. But when he tries to use his personalities like Mycolojester, The Origamist, and Protozoan Porter are afraid of the bird. Even a giant-spider like personality named Yin The Weaver is running away. David looks for more ways to defeat it, and realizes that the ones who survived were coordinated and had large numbers. Suddenly, as soon as he sees Tyrannix the Abominoid, he know what to do. Instead of using Tyrannix's powers, he merges with him, and starts to merge with all the personalities left that the Phoenix's Shadow hasn't eaten. He becomes a new personality, an ultimate personality named Gestalt. Ruth goes back to sleep peacefully.

As Gestalt starts fighting the "Phoenix's Shadow," he realizes the truth. It doesn't even exist, it's all a ruse. The Phoenix's Shadow is not real, and so he easily kicks out whatever was fighting him out of his brain and back to Aarkus. Legion breaks free from the table he is strapped to, and confronts his wardens. Aarkus says that he made himself think of fake alien species dying from the Phoenix's Shadow in order to test David. David saved Aarkus by turning him over to the school in Westchester. They, however, transfered him to SWORD, who restored his sanity and made him forgive David. So Aarkus intended to help David by allowing him to trust people, even if they are only his personalities. He has treated them so poorly, it's no wonder Fiend was ever created. He only used the personalities for their powers, but now with Gestalt he is one with them.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix's Shadow turns into more of a psychic-dove. it reveals itself to be Karasu-Tengu, who also forgives David now. Even though Legion killed her brother, she had never realized that her current life is better than it ever was. Aarkus and her leave, and David asks Abigail and Sydren why they think Gestalt can defeat Fiend. They answer that when David collapsed, Fiend never brought down Blindfold. Instead, Ruth came with David to SWORD and told them that the only way to defeat Fiend was to create Gestalt. However, it comes with a price, that being that he will become the World-Worm, and that either himself or Ruth will have to die. Legion says he doesn't care, and he goes on his way to stop Fiend once and for all.

Solicit Synopsis

One of Legion’s most troublesome personalities threatens to annihilate an alien species!

S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand is on the case – but will she be able to work with David to solve this extraterrestrial conundrum?

Odd couple adventures ensue as David and Brand team up to stop the destruction before it begins!

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