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Quote1.png Today my name is Destiny. Quote2.png
Ruth Aldine (Formerly Blindfold)

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Synopsis for "Antibodies"

Fiend manages to teleport himself and Legion back to the physical plane, this time at Washington Navy Yard in DC, where the missile is heading. Fiend tears down all the anti-missile systems with his physical giant monster form, and it seems as though it is all over. That is, until the X-Men arrive, both Wolverine's and Cyclops' teams. Beforehand, Legion had called them about the missile, and they instantly dismantle it, as that was the first thing the X-Men learned while facing Magneto, who coincidentally is there also on Cyclops' team along with other former villains Emma Frost and Magik. Wolverine's team includes Storm, Beast, Frenzy, and Pixie. Also there are Abigail Brand and Sydren of SWORD, Pete Wisdom, Chamber, Aarkus, Karasu-Tengu, and more. Fiend enters all their brains to make them hate each other until Legion combines all of his personalities besides Fiend into the ultimate Gestalt and controls them.

It starts working, although DC is being torn up in the balance. Sydren is simply standing around murmuring about Legion's confidence, and when Abigail rushes over to protect him, she gets hit by one of Fiend's lasers and is killed. As Sydren and Beast grieve, Legion keeps fighting, this time a little harder. Magneto praises him until Legion tells him to go back to zapping the monster. Legion tries to get Karasu-Tengu to stop fighting, and as she is distracted talking to him, she is crushed by Fiend's hand. Legion realizes that because Fiend is guided by pure hate, then pure trust has to stop him. he convinces Wolverine and Cyclops to work together and take him down. As Gestalt goes back to the fight, he sees that Chamber has also died. Legion finally rams a hole through the monster, causing it to explode and Luca's blue telekinetic eyeballs to finally shatter and die. Ruth screams in her sleep as his powers are returned to her and she can see again. She is no longer Blindfold, and Legion is now Gestalt, as Fiend has returned to him as well. An astral projection of Ruth appears before the remaining X-Men, calling herself Destiny.

Gestalt finally defeats Fiend on the astral plane as well, and now that he's out of the psychosphere, Fiend returns to his previous goblin-like form. Gestalt prepares to finally stop him, when Fiend points out that now that he is whole and his powers are at his max, it is time for the end. Gestalt returns to the scene of the battle and transforms into the world-worm. Either he or Destiny will have to die. Maybe both. All he can say is that he's sorry.

Solicit Synopsis

• War and death, nations turning against nations…the demonic shade of the deceased Professor Xavier that has been plaguing Legion’s psyche has escaped into the real world. What price will Legion pay to stop him from razing the Earth?

• And prophesied to stop Legion and imbued with the power she needs to do so, will Young X-Man Blindfold take matters into her own hands and extinguish her first love?

• One thing’s for sure: as this groundbreaking series races to its conclusion, anything is possible!

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