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Quote1.png Shh. Listen. Learn. The event that Luca foresaw. The grand evil which will destroy all mutantkind? The genocide only the girl--only Blindfold--can stop? It's you, David. It's you. You wretched little disappointment. You're fated to wipe out your own kind, boy... and the girl you just saved? She's fated to try to kill you, just to stop it[...]Ha. Because I know everything... my son. Quote2.png
Legion (Charles Xavier persona)

Appearing in "Prodigal: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Prodigal: Part 6"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

  • The groundbreaking first arc of X-MEN: LEGACY ends here!
  • Discovering a plot to assassinate one of the X-Men that he inadvertently put into motion, Legion infiltrates the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning…but after their last run-in, will the X-Men accept his help?
  • Meanwhile, Legion learns that the demon lurking in the depths of his psyche has a familiar face…


  • The new persona that was dubbed Fiend in the first issue is revealed to have taken the form of "Charles Xavier" which is ironic as this was hinted on the cover with the words of the voices that David is hearing it in his head saying "I AM YOUR FATHER".

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