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Quote1.png "I rule me." "I rule me." That gave me strength not so long ago. That little lie. Everyone should be able to say those words and mean them. Male. Female. Black. White. Mutant. Non-mutant...Leaders and losers alike. "I rule me." And nobody should have to fight. if they don't want to. Quote2.png
David Haller

Appearing in "Ballad of the Gloryhog"

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Synopsis for "Ballad of the Gloryhog"

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  • Refusing Wolverine’s offer to join the X-Men, David Haller must now decide exactly how he will carry out his father’s legacy.
  • But upon venturing into the world on his own, will he be beaconed back to Westchester by his budding fascination with young X-Man Blindfold? And more importantly: How will their future together change the fate of mutantkind?


  • According to David Haller's timeline, had Santi signed up for his school's debate society then he would have been class president by the end of the year, elected to public office within three years, governor by age twenty-eight, and president of the U.S. by thirty-five, the first mutant president.


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