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James Howlett (Earth-616) Scott Summers (Earth-616) Idie Okonkwo (Earth-616) X-Men Schism Vol 1 3
The events of Schism #1 have launched the world into turmoil, and the all-new Hellfire Club is ready to take advantage of the chaos. But when the survival of the mutant race is on the line, just how far will the X-Men go? Once a line is crossed, there’s no going back. The event that promises to tear the X-Men apart at their very core continues, by writer and Marvel Architect Jason Aaron, and superstar artist Daniel Acuña (WOLVERINE, AVENGERS)!

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Finally, an interesting (enough) issue of Schism. I'm sorry, but the last issue was bo-ring, and this picked up the pace a bit. Still not the best, but at least better.

X-Men Schism Vol 1 3

I still am not a happy camper about the changing artists from each issue. It annoys me so. They're all good artists, don't get me wrong, but I like consistency when I'm reading a series. For example, Quentin Quire was drawn all badass in the first issue. In the second, he looked just like Alfred E. Neuman. And now he's absent in this issue.

At least the X-Men (or some anyway) finally see who their enemy is. Even if it is for a second. And that enemy unrealistically kicks their asses. Namor and Magneto being crushed by twelve (?) year olds was very crushing. Does Jason Aaron know who Namor is...? Namor would never agree to follow the X-Men to some idiotic (his words albeit) museum. Sure, Aaron threw in a line for Namor saying he'd rather be harpooned than go there. Still, the Namor that should be, would never say yes in the first place. Or be beaten that easily.

I don't know whose side to be on here, as neither where portrayed as the better one. Wolverine is off sitting on his ass drinking, and Cyclops doesn't care if a little girl kills a bunch of other people. Who sounds better to you? Anyway, we still didn't get to see them fight this issue either, as a giant Sentinel was being built. Now that-that part I liked.

I also liked when Emma broke one little bastard's finger. That was funny. And the joke of her being portrayed as bad in "3 out of the 4 pictures she is in" at the museum was a bit amusing as well. So, there were some good parts. I like Idie's powerblasts, and her wonderful (just kidding) killing spree, but was it worth it? What is Cyclops getting at here?

Anyways, we're at the third issue and this event still could've been better. More than halfway through and we still have not seen the Cyclops vs. Wolverine brawl we have been promised. Plus we know that the X-Men will be fighting these kids again post-Schism (as was revealed in an interview). So this issue was better than last issue, but still not quite the best. I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5. I think this is my first ".5" score, but hey, I'm sorry if you don't agree with me. I'm just not too impressed with Schism so far. It's a good story, but it does not live up to all the hype it has been given.

Johnnybravo44 (talk) 03:42, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. - For anyone who reads these: I've done my best to write aa shorter, quicker review of the past few issues. Maybe I was writing too much before and scaring people off, but who knows? This could bring 'em back-just writing a little less. ;)
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