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Other Characters:

  • Kelly's secretary (Only appearance)[1]
  • Bishop's flashback (Earth-31393):
    • Master Mold (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Sentinels (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Cyclops (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Havok (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Sunfire (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Jean Grey (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Beast (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Callisto (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Sunder (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Masque (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Ape (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Erg (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Tar Baby (Only appearance)[1] (Future - Bishop's memories)
    • Many captured mutants (Future - Bishop's memories)
  • Wolverine (Only appearance; corpse)






Bishop remembers that the assassin he has come to stop is Gambit. Bishop says that in his reality, when Gambit killed someone in Washington, D.C., mutantkind got blamed for it. The X-Men go to Washington, leave Gambit, Bishop, and Wolverine behind. Gambit is angry, and evades Wolverine and Bishop to fly to Washington to prove his innocence. Meanwhile in Washington, the shape-shifter Mystique attempts to assassinate Senator Kelly using Gambit's form, only to be thwarted when the real Gambit arrives. Bishop plans to shoot both Gambit and his double, but Rogue stops him by sending Bishop back to the future. Bishop finds that nothing has apparently changed. In the past, Xavier finds that Magneto has kidnapped the Senator.

Full synopsis

Bishop remembers that the assassin he has come to stop is Gambit, but he is prevented from killing the Cajun by the other X-Men. Bishop says that in his reality, Gambit killed someone in Washington, D.C.. Mutantkind got blamed for the incident, and the Mutant Control Law got passed. Sentinels sought out mutants, herding them into detention camps. Those who controlled the Sentinels decided to also hunt down humans, taking over the White House.

Bishop says he can not remember who Gambit was supposed to assassinate. In order to prevent the assassination, the X-Men go to Washington, but leave Gambit and Bishop behind in the mansion, to be watched by Wolverine. Gambit is angry, and wants to go to Washington to prove his innocence. He evades Wolverine and Bishop with some well-placed energized cards and flies to Washington in a jet.

Meanwhile in Washington, a gang of mutants disrupts the Senate hearings. While the X-Men fight them, their leader, the shape-shifter Mystique, attempts to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly. She tries to frame the X-Men by taking Gambit's form, only to be thwarted when the real Gambit arrives to fight her. Bishop arrives, having followed Gambit, and plans to shoot both Gambit and his double "just to be sure." Rogue stops him by destroying his temporal transceiver, sending Bishop back to his own time. Senator Kelly is safe.

With Gambit unconscious, Mystique reveals her true form, and then further reveals that she is Rogue's foster mother. The senator and his secretary tell the other X-Men about the assassination attempt. They find Gambit unconscious. Rogue and Rave Darkholme fly to a nearby pond. Raven says Apocalypse wanted Kelly dead "to ensure the human race the future it deserves." Rogue tries to convince Mystique to leave Apocalypse, but she refuses, saying Apocalypse gives her purpose, just as Xavier gives Rogue purpose.

Bishop arrives in the future, to find that apparently nothing has changed. Forge appears, saying that he will have to go back again and again until things are fixed. He tends to Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, floating in a tank. Although Bishop stopped the assassination, something else must have happened afterward, to make the future turn out like this.

In the past, Xavier goes to see Senator Kelly, only to find that Magneto has kidnapped the Senator.


  • This episode was originally entitled "Future Tense, Part 2."
  • As Rogue approaches the War Room, she overhears the same dialogue from the end of the previous episode.
  • Rogue meets Mystique again, and refers to their previous meeting (in "Come the Apocalypse"), when Mystique attempted to make Rogue a slave of Apocalypse.

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  • This episode is adapted from Uncanny X-Men #142, wherein the X-Men prevent the Brotherhood of Evil Mutant's from assassinating Senator Kelly. The story was altered to fit the continuity of the animated series, wherein Bishop takes the place of Kate Pryde, however it deviates from the original story when Magneto abducts Kelly.

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