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The Friends Of Humanity attack a hospital for the blind that Beast is working at. And Wolverine plans on tearing them apart from the inside. Beast and one of his blind patients, Carly, fall in love together. But Carly's father is a mutant hater and won't stand to see them associating with each other. When the Friends Of Humanity kidnap Carly for associating with a mutant, Wolverine, Beast, and the FOH come full circle. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are struggling to survive.


  • Wolverine uses the alias of John Logan to infiltrate the Friends of Humanity.
  • This episode gives Sabretooth's real name as Graydon Creed, Senior. The comics have always given it as Victor Creed. It was probably changed for the audience to quickly conclude that the FOH Graydon Creed was Sabretooth's son.
  • This episode received lots of positive fanmail for its potrayal of Beast's relationship.

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