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Quote1.png You kept me alive. And the evil that's in me. But the worst of us still has some good! Quote2.png
Morph to Mister Sinister


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As the newlywed couple, Cyclops and Jean Grey reach their honeymoon island, the members of Mister Sinister's forces put Genoshan Mutant Slave Collars on the couple. As the X-Men recuperate from Morph's deceptions, Wolverine discovers that Morph is still alive, but Morph escapes. Morph finds the mutant couple, but Mister Sinister stops him from killing Cyclops. Sinister plans on making a race of unbeatable mutants from their DNA. Sinister reveals how he saved Morph from death. The X-Men show up and battle Sinister's forces. Cyclops attacks Sinister, who retreats with his forces, and Morph runs away. Xavier and Magneto meet in Antarctica, only to discover it is a trap.

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Cyclops meets his newlywed wife, Jean on a yacht as they set out for an island for their honeymoon. Beast continues evading the weapon attacks in the Danger Room, eventually using it to escape. Morph stands outside the X-Mansion and remembers that he was once an X-Man. Mister Sinister reminds Morph that the X-Men abandoned him. Mister Sinister says he will take care of Cyclops and Jean Grey himself.

As the newlywed couple reach their island destination, the mutant Ruckus knocked over the boat with a loud scream. Other members of Mister Sinister's Nasty Boys put Genoshan Mutant Slave Collars on the couple. Rogue and Beast sneak into Storm's hospital room to check her condition. At a Friends of Humanity rally, their leader, Creed, puts Jubilee on stage, escorted by two gunmen. The crowd yells to get rid of her, and Creed tells the gunmen to take her away. Wolverine jumps in through the ceiling window and saves Jubilee.

Gambit recovers from his kiss with Rogue. Professor Xavier arrives and tells them that a "neural disruptor" may be attacking them to alter their brain waves. Wolverine and Jubilee arrive, and Wolverine says he can smell Morph. The "professor" tries to brush aside the accusation to the neural disruptor, but he soon reveals his true form as Morph. Wolverine and Jubilee ambush Morph from inside a jet. Morph turns into Wolverine, and Jubilee accidentally attacks the real one.

Mister Sinister plans on using Cyclops and Jean's DNA to create his slave army of unbeatable mutants. The X-Men inform Storm about how Morph is back. Morph finds the newlywed couple and reveals to them that he was the reverend who had them married. Mister Sinister stops Morph from killing Cyclops. Sinister tells Morph that he found his lifeless body and healed him.

The X-Men show up and fight the Nasty Boys. The X-Men seem to gain the upper hand until Mister Sinister joins the fight. Cyclops tells Morph that he is still one of the X-Men, and Morph turns on Mister Sinister. However, the shot does not seem to effect Sinister. Cyclops breaks free from his straps, and he helps Jean escape. Cyclops attacks Sinister, who crumbles at Cyclops' blows. Sinister and his forces retreat. Morph goes away on a plane, and Wolverine decides to follow him. Xavier and Magneto meet in Antarctica. Xavier suspects they have been led into a trap, and an avalanche crashes down on both of them.


  • Cyclops and Jean do not consider their marriage official because they find out that Morph was impersonating the reverend.


  • Wolverine says Morph is the only one who could ever make him laugh.
  • While stopping Ruckus from using his loud scream, Beast quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson's The After Thought, in "Punch" (March 7, 1846).

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