"Out of the Past - Part I"

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"Out of the Past - Part I"
Larry Houston, Richard Bowman

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Wolverine is lured into the Morlock tunnels by a former lover who is accompanied by a group of cybernetic mercenaries called Reavers. Wolverine discovers this woman he used to love isn't the woman he once knew, as she's gone through the same cybernetic alterations that the Reavers have, and a new moniker, calling herself Lady Deathstrike. She has discovered a long buried alien craft and needs Wolverine's adamantium claws to cut it open.


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  • The first two episodes of season 3 both premiered in primetime on Friday nights in July and August 1994 for two consecutive weeks.
  • The Basketball-Game is very loosely based on the one in X-Men 4 as Logan, Gambit and Jubilee wear the same outfits as they did in the comic book. However, unlike in the book Rogue doesn't participate in the game. In both stories an enemy out of Wolverine's past made his first appearance, Omega Red in Earth-616-Continuity and Lady Deathstrike on the show.
  • In the books the Reavers are former mercenaries of the Hellfire Club. Here they make their first appearance before the Club is ever mentioned.
  • In the Latin American dub of the episode, Callisto is dubbed as a male character, even though in her previous appearance she was correctly depicted as female.

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