Part of the Dark Phoenix Saga event.
"The Dark Phoenix Saga - Part III: The Dark Phoenix"
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Quote1.png The Phoenix is contained...for now. I could never have defeated the Phoenix if Jean herself had not helped me. The strength of her mind is truly awesome. Quote2.png
Professor X

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Synopsis for "The Dark Phoenix Saga - Part III: The Dark Phoenix"

Jean Grey, now completely part of the Phoenix, returns to her childhood home, overwhelmed by too much emotion and too much power.


  • This episode is based on Uncanny X-Men #135 & 136.
  • Strange has the books "Brunner" and "Ditko" on his shelf, a reference to co-creator Steve Ditko and artist Frank Brunner (who did a famed run on the character and does model designs for this show, as well).
  • Episode writer Larry Parr also wrote the 1988 Pryde of the X-Men video.


  • Professor X temporarily assumed the armor of the Entity while on the Astral Plane battling the Phoenix.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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