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"Weapon X, Lies, And Videotape"

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"Weapon X, Lies, And Videotape"

Quote1.png Welcome gentlemen...Welcome to our past... Quote2.png
-- Silver Fox

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Synopsis for "Weapon X, Lies, And Videotape"

Wolverine discovers everything about his past life in the government program Weapon X was a lie... including his love affair with Silver Fox.


  • This episode along with "The Juggernaut Returns" and "Nightcrawler" were originally scheduled to be part of season four; however, animation problems on other episodes led to these episodes being moved earlier in the slate.
  • Silver Fox's flying vehicle has the skull-squid symbol of the Marvel Comics villain group HYDRA, which also explains her costume: she's a member of them now.
  • This episode is loosely based on Wolverine Vol 2 #48-#50 with portions of Wolverine Vol 2 #61-#64 as well.


After Jean Grey's apparent death in Dark Phoenix saga part 4, this is the 1st appearance of Jean. Furthermore no explanation is given to Jean's return. A reason could be that the series neglected to mention that the Jean we saw die was just a clone, as in the comics Jean was cloned several times.

  • The "Professor"'s video logs have the dates of October 17 and November 3, 1973.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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