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Synopsis for "Love In Vain"

Rogue's childhood sweetheart, the boy whom she put into a coma when her powers first manifested, returns to her life unexpectedly. But what strange connection does he have with the bug-like aliens Wolverine encounters in the desert?


  • In a clever bit a censorship, Rogue is never shown from behind after she uses Wolverine's healing factor to expel the Brood transformation. (By the point she absorbed his power, a Brood tail had sprouted, thus leaving a hole in her jeans.)


  • While The Colony are clearly inspired by the Brood, they were redesigned in part due to the desire of character designers Frank Brunner, Mark Lewis and producer Larry Houston wanting to make them more distinctive and more animator-friendly.[1]
  • This episode's preliminary titles were "The Brood" and "A Time to Brood."[1]

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