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Morph feels he's finally ready to return to the X-Men. But his homecoming is interrupted by the return of the Sentinels, the robotic mutant-hunters who nearly killed him the last time he faced them.


  • The onscreen caption calls the company "Zydex Laboratories", but the sign and news report call it "Zydex Industries."
  • Morph's never met Strong Guy to our knowledge, yet appears as him in his X-Factor uniform. Maybe Guido was a wrestler at some point in this universe, but his status as a member of X-Factor is supposed to be secret.
  • The Cerebro computer has a female voice, unlike we've ever heard before, or will again.
  • The coordinates gained from the Sentinel's head for the mansion (45/74 NE) places it on the border of New York and Canada, when its location is closer to southern NY. The coordinates for Gyrich & Trask (60/4 NS) places them in the middle of the ocean, and the "75 N" coordinates for the Sentinel headquarters lacked a second number to make the first one usable.
  • Since the X-Men never met Longshot before "Mojovision", and Morph wasn't with them, he should not have been able to morph into Longshot (having never seen him before, unless, of course, he's somehow seen Longshot's intergalactic TV show).

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