"Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"
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Quote1.png Cyclops is right. If Apocalypse and Sinister have joined forces and are able to instantaneously travel through time and space, all existence is in danger. Quote2.png
Professor X

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Synopsis for "Beyond Good and Evil - Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"

When Oracle, the psychic member of the Imperial Guard is kidnapped by Apocalypse, Professor Xavier deduces his scheme involves capturing mutants with telepathic abilities. The X-Men are split up to track them down before the villains can, which puts Wolverine and Shard in the middle of a scuffle between Archangel and a ninja named Psylocke.


  • Psylocke's brother, whom she claims "fights for the good of all mutants", is the non-mutant Marvel Comics superhero Captain Britain (seen in a cameo in "The Phoenix Saga (4): The Starjammers").
  • Shard claims Archangel is "destined to join the X-Men" (though, as Angel, he apparently was part of the team once, as shown in flashbacks from "Proteus (1)", "Sanctuary (1)", and the upcoming "Xavier Remembers").
  • Magneto's deceased wife, mentioned here, will play a major part in the episode "Family Ties".


  • Wolverine calls Psylocke "black-haired", and Archangel calls her "raven-haired", despite the fact she has PURPLE hair.
  • The license plate on Psylocke's jeep reads: THX 1138.

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