"Jubilee's Fairytale Theater"

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"Jubilee's Fairytale Theater"
Larry Houston

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  • MacTaggert Crystal


Synopsis for "Jubilee's Fairytale Theater"

Jubilee leads a group of school children on tour of a cave on Mansion property, only to be caught in a cave-in. As the water in the cave rises, she keeps the kids calm by spinning a medieval fairy tale of knights, princesses, trolls, and dragons. Some of these characters might just seem to resemble the X-Men. As she tells the kids the stories, the real X-Men arrive and save them.


  • This episode was based on The Uncanny X-Men #153 (January, 1982), though there are several notable changes.
  • While the original comic book version of this story, told by Kitty Pryde, was a retelling of the Dark Phoenix Saga in a pseudo-"Arabian Nights" setting, Jubilee's version was a more archetypal "Swords & Sorcery" story set in a much more traditionally Western fantasy world.
  • Outside of the two-part story where he debuted, this is one of the few times a version of Magneto has been depicted as an outright villain in the animated series without changing sides to fight alongside the X-Men.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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