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In the desert of Nevada, the five original X-Men are fighting the Hulk to retrieve the Gamma Ray Booster which is needed to wake Professor X from his coma. They are successful and return to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters where Havok and Lorna Dane took care of Xavier. The Gamma Ray Booster works and an awakening Professor X thanks his X-Men for their past and future efforts …

A few day later an enraged Iceman quits the X-Men. He is not fond of how the Professor faked his own death and hid this secret from all X-Men except Marvel Girl. While Bobby is leaving the estate, Xavier summons the X-Men into the library. He wants to probe the minds of the X-Men to learn about everything that happened while he was hiding to prepare the invasion of the alien Z’Nox. For Alex and Lorna this is uncomfortable as they are not experienced in this kind of communication. Thus, Xavier learns about the X-Men’s encounters with Mesmero, the Living Monolith, Larry Trask’s new breed of Sentinels, Sauron, Sunfire and of course with their arch enemy Magneto. After the Professor is finished, he is furious about the X-Men not checking if Magneto really died in the Savage Land and orders them to travel there again.

Using the Sentinel Air Transport Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel fly to Antarctica. Jean is concerned about the harsh words by the Professor and speculates that he may not be fully cured. While the ship enters severe turbulence, back at the school Alex and Lorna are confronted by Bobby. He wants to convince the to leave Xavier as well, but he is more jealous of the developing relationship between Lorna and Alex which leads to a fight between Iceman and Havok. The battle ends when Iceman inadvertently hurts Lorna. She makes it clear to Bobby that they never were an item, and she has no romantic feelings for him. As Professor X summons his remaining students telepathically, Iceman once again leaves the estate.

Meanwhile, the Sentinel ship of the X-Men did crash down in the Savage Land and Marvel Girl is knocked unconscious because she telekinetically tried to protect her teammates. The team is captured by natives of the Savage Land who use narcotic darts as weapons. When Cyclops, Angel and Beast awake, an elder of the natives welcomes them peacefully but also explains that Jean Grey died because of her injuries.

Elsewhere in the Savage Land, the mutate known as Amphibius tells his master Magneto that the X-Men have returned. Magneto who only is present as a projection vows to exact his revenge on the X-Men because they murdered him …

Solicit Synopsis

  • Before ONSLAUGHT, before APOCALYPSE... before the world came to know the X-MEN as an international band of exotic adventurers... there were a handful of trouble teenagers and one man with a dream. This new monthly series offers readers an easy jump-on point to follow the never-before-revealed exploits of a slimmed-down - but still engrossing - a super group! In this first issue, the classic team of CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, ANGEL, the BEAST and MARVEL GIRL jet off on a dangerous journey into the wilds of the Savage Land!


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