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The X-Men retrieve the Gamma Ray Booster needed to wake Professor X from his coma. Several days after recovering, Xavier orders the X-Men to return to the Savage Land and verify that Magneto had really been killed.[1] Iceman decides to leave the team because Xavier kept too many secrets, and asks Polaris to go with him. When the X-Men reach the Savage Land, their Sentinel Air Transport crashes after passing through severe turbulence. Marvel Girl is knocked unconscious while telekinetically protecting Cyclops and Beast, and they are soon captured by Savage Land natives. After waking up, Cyclops, Angel and Beast are told that Marvel Girl has "gone to the land of the dead" and only her costume is left lying on a bed.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Before ONSLAUGHT, before APOCALYPSE... before the world came to know the X-MEN as an international band of exotic adventurers... there were a handful of trouble teenagers and one man with a dream. This new monthly series offers readers an easy jump-on point to follow the never-before-revealed exploits of a slimmed-down - but still engrossing - a super group! In this first issue, the classic team of CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, ANGEL, the BEAST and MARVEL GIRL jet off on a dangerous journey into the wilds of the Savage Land!


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