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The Savage Land Mutate called Amphibius is diving through the water to save his master Magneto from drowning after falling out of the Nhu’Gari airship. Finally, Amphibius is reaching Magneto and carries him on an island of the Savage Land.

On Muir Island, Jean Grey is being examined by Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Professor X brought Jean to this secret laboratory to find out what happened to Jean when she was is space with the Fantastic Four. Indeed, Dr. MacTaggert discovers small traces of something unknown in Jean’s body, but it does not explain the hallucination Jean had or if it will have a long-term effect on her. On the way back to Salem, Jean speaks out her concerns about Xavier continuously hiding secrets from the X-Men – the medical facility on Muir Island being just another example because Xavier told the other X-Men they would travel to Boston.

After returning to Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters, Cyclops informs the Professor that Cerebro has picked up a signal of a new mutant a few miles away from Dunfee, Illinois. Beast takes a special interest in this because his parents do not live far away from the signal’s origin. So, him and Xavier travel there together, and before searching the mutant they visit the McCoys.

Back at the school, Scott and Jean are surprised by the sudden appearance of Candy Southern because no alarms were set off when she entered the building. Candy states that she knows about them belonging to the X-Men and that Professor X allowed her access to less sensitive areas of the school. Now Candy wants to find Warren because she has some important news to tell him. Thus, a few moments later she finds herself on a jet of the X-Men wearing the green Marvel-Girl outfit while Jean is still sporting her original black and yellow uniform. Cerebro did detect Warren and the trace leads the Cyclops, Jean, and Candy to an old ship in the middle of the ocean. After entering the ship, they are quickly surrounded by weird looking humans and must fight their way through them to be able to search Angel. And in one of the ships cabins they indeed find a feather-winged person.

At the same time, Havok, Lorna Dane and Ka-Zar still fly over the Savage Land to find Iceman. They have no clue that Bobby is suffering from Amnesia and that he is in the company of Dr. Karl Lykos aka Sauron. Lykos had settled on an island of the Savage Land, now living in the remains of a German expedition camp which was about exploiting geothermal energies. Lykos hopes to use their works to be able to feed on those energies.

In Illinois, Hank and Professor X arrive at the estate of the Martin family where they hope to find the new mutant. Hanks scouts the huge garden and enters a barn when he suddenly is attacked by a Sentinel. Seconds earlier Professor X met young Ashley Martin who obviously is the mutant they were looking for. The Sentinel incapacitates Beast using a nerve gas and holds both helpless X-Men in its huge hands when it detects the mutant Ashley as well. Ashley wants the Sentinel to put the visitors down and the Sentinel complies because they pose no threat now. But then it picks up Ashley with the intent to “destroy all mutants” …


  • The Mark II Sentinel is constructed from components of B-7, D-3, A-4, G-9 and G-12.

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