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Appearing in "And Death Alone Shall Know My Name"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Aircar
  • Stefan Krueger's Freighter
  • Atlantean craft

Synopsis for "And Death Alone Shall Know My Name"

In Dunfee, Illinois, the ten-year-old mutant Ashley Martin is upset with Professor X and Beast because they made her destroy the Sentinel which she deemed to be her friend. Xavier realizes Ashley possesses powers of psychokinetic bonding which might be more powerful than even Marvel-Girl’s telekinesis.

Meanwhile, Stefan Krueger is about to meet with three members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Blob, Mastermind and Unus. As those three step on board Krueger’s ship to take over the captured X-Men, Candy Southern has a chance to escape because Krueger did not actually shut her down with his powers (as she is not a mutant). But eventually she falls to the illusion powers of Mastermind. Krueger seems to receive 100,000 dollars for Cyclops, Marvel-Girl and Candy, but the money is just another illusion crafted by Mastermind.

Near an island of the Savage Land, Havok and Lorna Dane are flying with the Aircar, and according to the Mini-Cerebro on board, getting closer to Iceman. On the island, Magneto has made fabricated a replacement helmet and prepares himself to attack two other humans. He does not know yet that those two are Iceman and Dr. Karl Lykos aka Sauron. Below the island’s surface Magneto discovers a huge geothermal plant and he plans to use the lava at the bottom to his advantage. His attack on Bobby and Karl does not go as planned though. When Bobby wants to help Karl and touches him, Lykos feeds off Bobby’s mutant energies and transforms into Sauron. As the dinosaur attacks Magneto, the X-Men’s Aircar goes haywire and crash-lands close to Iceman. When Bobby sees Lorna, all his memories return instantly, and he helps his fellow X-Men. Together the three watch how Sauron has Magneto caught in his hypnotic gaze. Without a plan Iceman intervenes and breaks up the hypnotic gaze which frees the master of magnetism. Sauron then takes control of Havok to attack Magneto who now resorts to the lava under the island. Lorna deducts that Magneto is powered by an external device. Amphibius has the task to guard that device but Iceman has no problems destroying the equipment anyway. Without his powers Magneto is threatened to be engulfed by the lava. He tries to convince Sauron to help him but Lykos is not interested in any kind of partnership. Iceman wants to save Magneto but is not successful. Before leaving the island, Sauron uses his hypnotic gaze and makes the X-Men forget that they fought him and Magneto on the island.

Three days later, Magneto can crawl back to the surface of the island. Once again, he cheated death, but he passes out from exhaustion. Another two days go by before Namor the Sub-Mariner passes by the island and finds Magneto. He recognizes him as an enemy, but still wants to bring him to Atlantis …

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