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Synopsis for "Yet No More Like My Father..."

In Dunfee, Illinois, the police arrive at the estate of the Martin family where Professor X, for the time being, has eliminated the danger posed by the young mutant Ashley Martin. The Professor comes up with a story regarding the Sentinel but does not mention anything about Ashley being a mutant herself.

At Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Iceman, Havok and Lorna Dane are in the dark about what happened in the house. At least Cerebro did not just pick up a new mutant signal in the Himalayas, but also registered that Cyclops, Marvel-Girl and Angel are currently in Florida. Havok immediately wants to go there, but first Iceman wants to search the whole school to make sure everything is secure.

In Florida, Stefan Krueger and his freaks confront the Blob, Mastermind and Unus after he found out that the money they gave him for handing over the X-Men was just an illusion crafted by Mastermind. Krueger can shut down the power of his opponents, but this also destroys the illusion Mastermind currently is using on Cyclops, Angel and Candy Southern. Krueger does not fear them, but he does not know that Candy is no mutant and so she can knock him unconscious. The freaks are protesting, but Jean explains to them that Krueger is not the good man they see in him. The freaks hesitantly agree and decide to back off, but not before handing over the injured Avia to the X-Men.

After the police took over the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the X-Men, Candy and Avia fly back to Salem. Finally, Candy has the chance to talk to Angel and she explains that his mother plans to marry his uncle Burtram Worthington. Warren is in shock because not only is his uncle a villain him and Candy recently faced, but he also thought Burtram was dead. At the school, all X-Men reunite – only Professor X is missing because he stayed in Illinois with Ashley Martin and her mother. Warren decides to visit his mother, but he only wants Candy and the original X-Men to accompany him to Long Island. During the flight, Angel explains further what happened between him and his uncle who calls himself “The Dazzler” and went from smuggling diamonds to planning his world domination while killing his brother in the process as well. In their final showdown in the skies both Burtram and Candy fell into the depth and Angel only was able to save Candy. Now he regrets never checking if his uncle really died.

When the X-Men and Candy arrive at the Worthington estate, the wedding preparations are in full swing. They are greeted first by Doctor Stuart, a confidant of the family who delivered Warren as a baby and knows about his wings. Warren would like to directly confront his uncle, but Dr. Stuart tells him that his mother continues to be very fragile and exposing Burtram as a fraud who killed her husband could lead to her death …

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