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Quote1.png Ah, good! You recognize me. That will save time. And time is of the essence, X-Men. I have tracked you down for a reason. If you do not wish to see this female die, one of you will stand against me... for the most dangerous hunt of all! Quote2.png
Kraven the Hunter

Appearing in "Echoes of a Lost Generation"

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Synopsis for "Echoes of a Lost Generation"

Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Marvel-Girl are back at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Cyclops is furious because his brother Alex and Lorna flew off to the Himalayas to search for a mutant detected by Cerebro all by themselves. As the video message left by Havok already is eight hours old, Cyclops decides the X-Men will go on a search mission for his brother. This is agood idea because when Havok and Lorna reached the Himalayas, their airship crashed down after being hit by a flying rock.

Warren Worthington III and Candy Southern are still in Long Island as the police take care of Burtram Worthington and the corpse of Warrens mother is being taken away as well. Both Burtram and Dr. Stuart would like to tell the police that Warren is a mutant, but Marvel-Girl put a blocker into their brain before she left.

At the same time, an unknown person breaks into Xavier’s school. In the sick bay, the man meets Avia and takes out the mute girl with a quick hit to the throat.

In Dunfee, Illinois, Professor X is still watching over the young mutant Ashley Martin and tries to make Ashley’s mother Teri comfortable with the situation as well while policemen clean her garden from Sentinel fragments. Ashley is suffering from a slight headache, but Xavier assures Teri that this is not a result of his telepathic “surgery”.

Meanwhile, the X-Men’s jet reaches the Himalayas and suffers the same fate as the airship of Havok and Lorna. As the X-Men climb out of the crashed jet, they immediately recognize their rock-throwing attacker as Yeti, a member of the superhero team called “First Line”. This is a shock to the X-Men as all the members of the First Line are believed to be dead. As the X-Men fight Yeti who is totally out of control, both Alex and Lorna wake up in a ruin nearby and besides them lies the corpse of a female Skrull. Then, the battle against the Yeti is broken up as he suddenly turns to stone thanks to the arrival of the Inhumans and Pixie, the latter as well a member of the First Line. Pixie does not offer many explanations, but Yeti obviously was romantically involved with a female Skrull and was guarding her corpse here in the mountains. Most other members of the First Line died preventing a Skrull invasion which was kept secret to not unsettle the population. When the X-Men return to the mansion, none other than Kraven the Hunter is waiting for them.


  • One panel shows seven members of the team, First Line.

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