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Synopsis for "Hunter and Hunted"

Kraven the Hunter has come to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to challenge the Beast. As an incentive Kraven has poisoned Avia and offers the antidote to the X-Men whether Beast wins or loses the challenge.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed hideout, Tad Carter talks to the other members of the group named “The Promise”. Tad urges to bring Lorna Dane into the group, but its leader Tobias Messenger wants Tad to be patient.

In Dunfee, Illinois, FBI Agent Fred Duncan visits Professor X to talk about the incident involving the Sentinel. Duncan can't hide the fact that he notices romantic tension between Xavier and Teri Martin.

Beast has accepted Kraven’s challenge and, thus, finds himself being hunted on the huge school estate where Kraven also prepared some traps before the X-Men returned from their last mission. The X-Men can only wait for the outcome of the duel, but they want to make sure that Kraven keeps his promise. No one is unaware that Lorna seems very distracted all the time. In addition, the tension between Iceman and Havok will just not disappear, and Cyclops openly shows his dismay about Bobby’s missing discipline. Meanwhile, Kraven prepares his final attack on Beast after the X-Man already suffered the effect of several poisoned traps. But those poisons did not weaken Beast, instead they put him in a frenetic rage. He nearly kills Kraven during the final showdown and needs to be stopped by Cyclops’ optic blast. After Kraven gave the antidote to the X-Men, they are forced to let him go. But Marvel-Girl wipes out his memories regarding the X-Men and his fight with Beast. Hank is in a bad mood because he always feared he has a darker side in him, but Scott and Jean assure him that his behavior was not his fault. But there is no downtime for the X-Men as Havok informs his teammates that Lorna Dane is gone. According to Alex she just drifted away from the estate.


  • Cyclops indicates that the X-Men were formed three years prior to this issue.

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