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Synopsis for "Promise of a New Tomorrow"

Angel is about to return to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters when he spots Lorna Dane who is just drifting through the air. As Warren decides to follow her, the other X-Men discuss Lorna’s disappearance. Iceman is angry that Havok did not do anything, but without being able to fly there is not much Scott’s brother could have done to help Lorna.

A little later, Lorna finds herself in a dark room and is greeted by Tad Carter who introduces her to the group named “The Promise”. The leader is Tobias Messenger who is a telepath like Charles Xavier but can only communicate via telepathy because he is mute. Messenger explains that the initial group of mutants was formed by a would-be world conqueror named the Claw. But the Claw’s plans failed, and Tobias Messenger took over the group giving them a different purpose. The Promise expects a war between mutants and humans, and they put themselves in suspended animation for intervals of ten years. When they are awake like now, they observe the current political situation and, if necessary, act as the voice of reason among the mutant community. But they also continue to recruit new members and Lorna Dane is their preferred candidate because she is yet not indoctrinated by either Professor X or Magneto.

In Dunfee, Illinois, Professor X and Teri Martin have another private conversation. Xavier senses that Teri is wishing her daughter would not have experienced the incident with the Sentinel and all subsequent official investigations. Teri agrees, but she does not regret meeting Charles Xavier.

Meanwhile, Angel called the X-Men and guides them to the location he believes Lorna drifted to. However, a force field prevents the X-Men from entering the area. Marvel-Girl is not able to detect anything. The whole area feels like a black hole to her telepathic senses. Suddenly, one huge and several smaller monsters appear out of nowhere and attack the X-Men. Too late Cyclops recognizes that the smaller monsters were illusions “covering” the actual X-Men and, thus, the X-Men take each other out one by one. Gracie Smith, another telepath that is part of the Promise, was responsible for the illusions. Now the group members argue about what to do with the defeated X-Men. Havok is seen as a potential recruit like Lorna, but Lucie Robinson insists on bringing Angel into the group because she thinks he is beautiful. The next time Lorna awakes, she is being put into a hibernation chamber and starts to scream in fear …

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