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Appearing in "Broken Promises"

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  • Tobias Messenger's earlier group (Only in flashback)
  • Moloids




Synopsis for "Broken Promises"

Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Marvel-Girl once again find themselves to be in unknown and most dangerous surroundings. Although they seem to be in a jungle, they also find a plate beneath the ground which is made of a metal unknown to Beast. All this is observed by none other than the Mole Man who looks for revenge after he fought the X-Men many months before. Wherever the X-Men truly are now, even Professor X who is still staying in Illinois with the Martin family has lost his mental bond with his former students.

While Cyclops tries to cut through the metal plate with his optic blasts, the projection of Tobias Messenger appears in front of the X-Men. He tells the X-Men that they are kept in a chamber which possesses a neutralizing field around it. This makes it a psychic dead zone for Marvel-Girl. Messenger explains that he belongs to the mutant group called “The Promise”. He was born mute in 1859, but Messenger developed telepathic powers and when he was 50 years old, he gathered other mutants around himself. 10 years later after World War 1 he was alone again and started putting himself in an hibernation chamber. Every decade he is waking up to monitor the progress mutants have made and to recruit other mutants to his cause. Messenger is not fond of neither Professor X’s nor Magneto’s doctrines and decided to cage the X-Men here while the Promise goes back to hibernation.

After Messenger is gone, Cyclops and Iceman together can break the metal plate. Underneath they find a tunnel which extends endlessly in both directions. After travelling through the tunnel and surviving the bypassing of a huge fan, they fall into a subterranean vault. Beast is the only one conscious after the hard landing, but he is taken down by the Mole Man.

At the same time, Angel is freed from his hibernation chamber by Lucy Robinson. She wants the life back she had before she joined the Promise and asks Angel to help her. Warren wants to free Havok and Lorna as well, but according to Lucy that is not possible without killing them …

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