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Synopsis for "Let Loose the Dogs of War"

Magneto is on board of the Atlantean flagship and while arguing with the astral projection of Professor X he also fights back an attack by the Invisible Girl. Magneto can capture Susan Storm, but in the eyes of Professor X this is foolish because this move will not only anger Mr. Fantastic, but Magneto’s ally Namor as well.

Meanwhile, the rest of the X-Men continue to fight the Mole Man and his subterranean creatures. But again, Mole Man retains the upper hand and orders his Moloids to carry his unconscious foes into a special chamber.

Back at the Promise’s hideout, Angel asks Lucy Robinson to free his teammates Havok and Lorna Dane from the hibernation chambers. Lucy denies that because freeing Angel earlier only worked because she rigged his chamber before he went in it. Suddenly, the astral projection of Professor X appears. He found Angel telepathically and wants his help against Magneto. But Xavier believes he can solve the problem of the hibernation chambers first by manipulating the chronometers. But accelerating the time causes Havok’s energies to build up exponentially leading to an explosion of his chamber. While Alex exits without being harmed, the explosion damaged the pod of Lorna. Xavier orders Havok and Angel to join the fight against Magneto, but of course Alex does not want to leave Lorna. However, Lucy Robinson can persuade him using her mental powers. Angel instead convinces Professor X that finding the other X-Men has priority.

Shortly after, Angel flies through the large tunnels his teammates went through earlier. Then he suddenly is turned to stone by Pixie who is together with Ikaris of the Deviants. On the one hand, the Deviants don’t want Angel to delve further into these tunnels, and on the other hand Pixie wants to bring Angel closer to his goal of finding the X-Men.

At the same time, Havok arrives near a squad of Atlantean soldiers. He defeats the warriors easily, but the humans nearby only see a dangerous mutant in him. They attack Havok who uses his powers to free himself from the mob. Of course, other humans watched this and believe that he is the bad guy here.

Professor X returns his astral projection the Magneto’s ship. Magneto not only has captured Susan Storm, but Namor’s beloved Lady Dorma as well. Namor is protesting but Magneto insists on attacking the Baxter Building to destroy the Fantastic Four …


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