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Appearing in "Friends and Enemies"

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Synopsis for "Friends and Enemies"

The Baxter Building is under attack by Magneto and his Atlantean forces. The astral projection of Professor X shows up at the headquarter of the Fantastic Four and offers Mr. Fantastic his support.

At the same time, the X-Men break the chains Mole Man put on them. But the following fight leads to the roof of the subterranean vault coming down. Cyclops shoots the debris with his optic blast but cannot escape and shoot at the same time. Thankfully, Angel, who is no longer turned to stone, is nearby and can rescue Cyclops. Shortly afterwards, the X-Men finally reach the surface and which Beast recognizes as the fabled Monster Island.

After building an electro-magnetic inverter using the instructions of Professor X. Mr. Fantastic leads a direct attack on Magneto. As planned, the inverter nullifies Magneto’s powers, and he is easily defeated. Prince Namor reunites with Lady Dorma and order his soldiers to return to Atlantis.

Professor X finds Havok and accompanies him back to the lair of the Promise. Alex is still shaken up after being attacked by a human mob. At least Lucy Robinson was able to free Lorna Dane and the other members of the Promise from the hibernation chambers. Only its leader Tobias Messenger did not make it out alive. The group decides that they will stay together, but no longer spend decades in suspended animation. Only Lucy Robinson leaves the group.

Finally, Xavier returns to his body in Dunfee, Illinois, where he tells Teri Martin about the events that took place in New York. The next morning, Xavier leaves the Martin house. He knows that Teri has developed romantic feelings for him, but his dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans leaves him no time for such a relationship.

One week later, all X-Men and Candy Southern come together at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to celebrate Beast’s birthday. Earlier they had transported Avia back to her people in the Savage Land.



  • Hank McCoy celebrates his twentieth birthday, symbolically ending the original X-Men's time as "the world's strangest teens".

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