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Lorna Dane
Hey! So it's less than brilliant. It's not like you came up with "Havok" for yourself!
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Appearing in "On Wings of Angels"

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Synopsis for "On Wings of Angels"

Telepathically guided by Professor X both Alex Summers and Lorna Dane are travelling to the Savage Land to find the rest of the X-Men. Thus, the Aircar flies into the same turbulence as the X-Men did earlier.

At the same time Angel awakes amid members of the Savage Land natives. He recollects how he got knocked unconscious but does not have time to rest as the natives tend to bring Warren somewhere else. While Cyclops and Beast continue their fight with the bat-like priests known as Nhu’Gari, Marvel Girl is indeed alive and well and she can escape out of a cell. And not far away from Jean the astral projection of Magneto screams at the priests for not being able to capture the remaining X-Men. Amphibius informs his master that both Cyclops and Beast are already very close. The two X-Men learn that the natives are being used as slaves in this city, but they still don’t know why Scott’s wound caused by an arrow healed so quickly. As they move further into a hangar, they find a huge ship which is held up by dozens of large balloons.

Alex and Lorna were able to land the Aircar at the same location where the other X-Men crashed down. Both are greeted by Ka-Zar and his companion Zabu who recognizes them as X-Men though he does not know them individually. They introduce themselves as Havok and Magnetrix – the latter leads to a smug comment by Alex. Ka-Zar explains that this is the first time he is in this area of the Savage Land and he wants to get on the track of dark machinations which supposedly happen here. Havok and Magnetrix agree to accompany him and his saber-tooth tiger.

Angel is brought into the city where the natives tell him how their ancestors found this magic place hundreds of years ago. While the place can heal, long-term it also transformed the humans into scrawny, bat-winged beings. Those Nhu’Gari use the lie of a paradise to bring natives into the city and use them as slaves. But some Nhu’Gari have realized their wrongdoings and try to help the natives who are brought here. Another ally is a feather-winged female whom Angel recognizes seeing earlier before he was knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Marvel Girl has found Magneto. As she wonders why she cannot detect the X-Men’s archenemy telepathically, suddenly Magneto’s projected hand reaches into her head and she goes down immediately …

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