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Quote1 Poor kid! Not only a freak amongst her own people... but also a mute? Remind me not to feel too bad about my own situation--for a while. Quote2

Appearing in "Escape to Oblivion"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Nhu'Gari airship

Synopsis for "Escape to Oblivion"

Magneto’s astral projection explains to the captive Marvel Girl how he survived his last encounter with the X-Men. He was not crushed by rubble as the X-Men believed but instead Magneto fell into a river which carried him deep into the Savage Land to the city of the Nhu’Gari. Being able to form an astral projection of himself Magneto took the lead over the avian people. He learned that a volcano beneath the city is emitting radiation which gives people both healing and light telepathic powers. The latter explains why Jean cannot focus correctly because there is so much telepathic noise in the background of the city. Then Magneto lets Marvel Girl know that the volcano will erupt and destroy the city very soon.

Meanwhile, Angel stands before Avia, the feather-winged female who herself seems to be a mutant among the Nhu’Gari and who saved his life earlier. One of the Nhu’Gari informs Angel that two other X-Men have entered the hangar of the city where a giant airship carried by huge balloons is docked.

At the same time, Bobby Drake has reached Tierra del Fuego. But due to a massive storm in that region no pilot is willing to fly him to Antarctica.

As Jean listened to Magneto’s story she constantly reached out telepathically to her fellow X-Men. Cyclops and Beast recognize that, but it takes a while until Marvel Girl can communicate a clear message. Magneto prepares for his departure and returns his astral projection back into his real body. And as the volcano starts to erupt, Cyclops and Beast surprise Magneto who gets knocked out quickly by Hank. Now the X-Men need to evacuate the city to save as many Nhu’Gari and Savage Land natives as possible. Cyclops uses the full power of his optic blasts to carve a path through the mountain but eventually fades out as he pushed himself too far. In a change of plans, the X-Men and other survivors board the airship and watch from above how the city is engulfed in fire and lava. But the X-Men are not safe yet as the airship directly flies into a huge storm …


This issue flashes back to the events of X-Men #63.

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