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  • Balloon
  • Aircar

Synopsis for "Riders on the Storm"

A car pulls up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, driven by Candy Southern. She starts to walk around the mansion, hoping to get caught, when she's surprised by a robotic sentry, which entraps her in a net. She's then greeted by Professor Xavier, who tells her he knows why she's there.

In Terra Del Fuego, South America, Iceman has caught a charter flight which will take him no closer to his intended destination of Antarctica. Contemplating a storm that is raging around him, stretching from South America to the East coast of Africa, he decides there is only one way to reach the Savage Land under his own steam, and creates an ice tunnel to slide through, with a 700-mile journey ahead of him.

Meanwhile, above the Savage Land, Iceman's fellow X-Men, along with Avia, the captive Magneto, and two Nhu-Gari are in an airship caught in the middle of the storm, with the airship rapidly falling apart, despite Marvel Girl's attempts to hold it together with her telekinesis. She realizes that the fact some of the airship is falling off will help her hold it together.

Magneto, thinking the vessel is doomed, jumps out into the storm, causing Avia to blindly dive out and follow him. Considering Avia previously saved his life, Angel jumps out after her, despite Beast's attempts to convince him of the futility of the move.

In the Savage Land, Havok and Lorna Dane accompany Ka-Zar as they investigate a plume of smoke over a mountain range in a part of the Savage Land that is strange to him.

Back in the airship, Beast ties a rope to himself and prepares to jump out in search of Angel. Despite blowing around in the storm, Beast manages to catch hold of Angel and convince him to return to the airship. Marvel Girl assures Angel that she can sense Avia was nowhere near Angel. As the last of the gondola starts to fall apart, Beast realizes that their only chance is to lash themselves to the remaining four balloons of radioactive steam and let the wind carry them where it will. They do so, while the Nhu-Gari fly off under their own power. As the wind starts to separate the balloons, Marvel Girl jumps over to the balloon the unconscious Cyclops is lashed to, not wanting him to be alone. As the four mutants are separated, Angel and Beast wish each other luck.

Hours pass, and after passing out, Beast wakes up to find his balloon dropping fast over a jungle. Dropping from the balloon, he's knocked unconscious and his costume is badly torn. Being unconscious, he doesn't see the arrival of a beautiful, graceful woman, the "goddess" Ororo...


Ka-Zar calls Lorna Dane "Magnetrix" in this issue - the result of her temporarily taking it as a codename, much to her embarrassment.

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