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Appearing in "Behold a Goddess Rising..!"

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  • Previous Appearance of Sauron Sauron Next Appearance of Sauron
  • M'Kumba
  • Savage Landers
  • Ororo's tribespeople




  • Aircar
  • Sigurd Jarlson (trawler)

Synopsis for "Behold a Goddess Rising..!"

Iceman, his ice covering almost completely melted, lies washed up in just his costume of trunks and boots on a beach of the Savage Land. Above him, pteranodons circle, looking for prey, but they are chased away by Karl Lykos, who craves Iceman for another reason - to feed off his mutant life force. However, for the moment he resists the temptation.

Meanwhile, in New York State, Candy Southern sits with Charles Xavier in his School For Gifted Youngsters, where she has inveigled her way in, and tells Xavier she knows he cannot telepathically wipe her memories, because then he would have to tell her boyfriend, his student Warren Worthington what he had done.

In Kenya, Africa, the Beast wakes up in a tribal hut, and sees Storm and several tribespeople. Storm explains that she flew under her own power to investigate Beast's descent from the balloon he flew in on. Beast deduces that she is a Mutant, like him. Wondering why he can understand Storm and her tribespeople even though they aren't speaking English, he realizes the radioactive gases in the balloon have temporarily given him a limited telepathy. He asks Storm if the storm that carried him there was of her making, and she says originally it was but that it was taken from her, and she dreads to think what will happen if she cannot regain control of it.

Nearby, Jean searches for the unconscious Cyclops, and using her telepathy realizes he is around 100 metres away, but that he's not alone. Cyclops' unconscious body has been discovered by Deluge. Deluge is surprised when he opens one of Cyclops' eyes to see Cyclops' optic blasts emanate from it.

At Ororo's village, as Beast explains to her Xavier's vision for mutantkind, one of the tribespeople enters and tells them that a shaft of red light is in the sky. When Beast sees it he realizes it must be Cyclops' doing, and thinks it's a distress signal. Beast starts to swing in that direction on tree vines.

In the Savage Land, Havok, Lorna Dane and Ka-Zar investigate a plume of smoke in a far corner of the land and see that a sea of molten lava has destroyed a city. Seeing a crowd of thousands of displaced refugees nearby, they land their aircar and Ka-Zar tries to talk to them. However, someone throws a rock at his head, stunning him, so Havok uses his powers to intimidate them.

Back in Africa, Deluge is intrigued by Cyclops' power, seeing it as a source of unlimited energy, but is interrupted by the arrival of Jean. Jean tells Deluge to get away from Cyclops, and telekinetically hurls rocks at him, which he deflects using his power over the elements and hurls her at a tree trunk. Beast arrives and attacks Deluge physically, but Deluge defeats him too. When Ororo then attacks, Deluge scoffs at her description of herself as a "goddess", knowing that she is a mutant too. Deluge turns her power back at her, knocking her unconscious.

Ororo and the three X-Men awake to find themselves tied to stakes in the dry river bed the tribespeople had dammed ready for Storm to fill with rainwater from the storm she originally conjured. Deluge uses his power to cause torrential rain from the storm, and the riverbed starts to fill with water. Beast, Jean, and Storm hold their breath as the water rises above their heads...

In the South Atlantic, the unconscious Angel is hauled on board a trawler, the Sigurd Jarlson. The captain tells his crew to take him below and put him with "the other one." They take the X-Man below and throw him in the hold on top of the similarly unconscious Avia.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Think the X-Men met Storm in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1? Think again! Find out how the group, reunited at last after their Savage Land adventure, first encountered their future teammate as they face Deluge, the mutant weather master!


  • The trawler that picks up Angel is called the Sigurd Jarlson, later one of the human secret identities of Thor.

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