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Appearing in "Dark Destiny"

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Synopsis for "Dark Destiny"

Out in space Marvel Girl is engulfed in flames and experiences the taste of raw power fueling her body which even her closest friends of the X-Men could never comprehend. Cyclops and Beast want to help her, but she just burns them to dust. But before Marvel Girl attacks Crystal of the Fantastic Four as well, the moment which can only be described as a hallucination has ended. To Cyclops and the others Marvel Girl just froze for a few seconds. But now they once again must focus on the battle with the Z’nox.

At Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Professor X tries to maintain a telepathic connection with his team but is disturbed by the appearance of Candy Southern. She needs to talk to Angel, but Xavier can only tell her that his winged X-Man has yet not returned from his last mission.

In the Savage Land Bobby Drake continues to suffer from amnesia. But the man who found him knows exactly who he is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fantastic pilots the spaceship of the FF onto the planet of the Z’nox with the plan to sabotage the gravity transformer drive which allows the Z’nox’s planet to travel through the galaxy. Thus, Mr. Fantastic, Beast and the Thing climb down a mechanic shaft which reaches down to the core of Z’nox world while Cyclops, Marvel-Girl, the Human Torch and Crystal fight the Z’nox warriors. In the end, the plan of Mr. Fantastic is successful, and the heroes watch from afar how the Z’nox planet is transported into a distortion area which lies between the Negative Zone and this dimension. There the Z’nox have access to energy but no chance to attack other planets.

Somewhere in Illinois, the 10-year-old Ashley Martin is playing in the garden when suddenly a huge Sentinel towers above the little girl.

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