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Quote1 Fine. It was me. I did it. I'm the one who killed her. And I wanted you to leave because I'm guilty of first-degree murder. Now take me away before I change my mind and decide to bring this place down to its knees after all. Well?! What are you waiting for?! I MURDERED THE SCARLET WITCH! Quote2

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Synopsis for "Welcome to Krakoa"

After being accused of the murder of the Scarlet Witch, Magneto has been left comatose after being attacked by Quicksilver. Professor Xavier and Hope Summers attempt to probe his mind in an effort to find the truth, but have trouble doing so due to Magneto's strong psychic defenses. Hope questions their methods, feeling that they are torturing Magneto, whereas Xavier tries to reassure her that they are merely attemptiong to make him feel at ease. She questions why he wouldn't ask Jean or Emma Frost to help him, and he responds that they are busy with an urgent diplomatic task; receiving the Avengers, who have come to visit Krakoa in the wake of their teammate's death.

The X-Men offer to give the Avengers a tour before they collect Wanda's body, in an effort to buy time to actually find her body, which has mysteriously vanished. The Avengers accept. Eventually, the tour reaches the Hatchery, a Krakoan state secret. Emma Frost awaits them there, using her telepathic powers to prevent the Avengers from seeing it. While this goes on, Wanda's spirit lingers in the astral realm, confused as to what has happened to her.

X-Factor continues their investigation, hoping to find clues as to the Scarlet Witch's murder. Examining Magneto's home, they notice that the Cerebro cradle in his home is missing. Rachel's chronoskim reveals that Magneto took it himself.

While Xavier is away, Magneto is suddenly awoken by Hope, who tells him he needs to make sure the Avengers don't see Wanda's body. As the Avengers and X-Men bond in grief, they are suddenly attacked by Magneto, who demands them to send the Avengers out. The X-Men, X-Factor and Avengers attack Magneto, but when Northstar's husband Kyle wanders onto the scene, Magneto captures him. He threatens to kill him unless the Avengers leave. They try to talk Magneto down and question why he's fighting them. He finally confesses that he murdered Wanda and asks the Avengers to take him away before he brings Krakoa down to its knees. Just as he confesses, Wanda suddenly re-appears. She tells everyone that she is moved they came to help her, but that she is fine and wants things to go back to normal, as she jumps into the arms of her ex-husband Vision and gives him a kiss.

Solicit Synopsis


• Heroes of the Marvel Universe came to Krakoa for a memorial. Now they've got a fight.

• Magneto pushes Krakoa and the Council to the brink!

• Also…there's something wrong with the body...

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