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  • Three unnamed kaiju

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Synopsis for "Schrödinger's Corpse"

Having suddenly returned from death, Wanda becomes confused when Vision mentions his late wife. The Avengers and X-Men begin to pester her with questions as to what has happened. As Wanda grows more and more distressed the oceans around Krakoa begin to roil, as she tells them she doesn't know any more than they do. As they enter the Boneyard to continue the investigation, Wanda is greeted by her two sons Speed and Wiccan, whom she has no memory of. Wanda grows more and more confused, as Rachel probes her memory, finding that she remembers very little. Rachel and Jean restore some of her memories, showing her her "greatest hits". As they do, monsters emerge from the sea and attack Krakoa.

The Avengers, X-Men and X-Factor leave to face the monsters, leaving Wanda with her sons. They strike down the monsters, only to find that they are self-healing.

Meanwhile, Wanda's spirit is still stuck in the strange dimension. Pursued by a mysterious assailant, who kills her again and again, Wanda finally realizes that the dimension she is in is made of Chaos Magic and that she needs to fight her assailant. Her assailant responds that she has finally figured it out, and reveals herself as an older version of Wanda.

Solicit Synopsis


• The truth won't stay buried.

• Nor will other things…

• Who lurks in the shadows, and what do they know?

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