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Quote1 Listen closely young ones... for it's time we begin the tale... of how the Pretender became the Redeemer. Quote2

Appearing in "To Catch a Toad"

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Synopsis for "To Catch a Toad"

With the massive Kaiju that had just attacked Krakoa dealt with, Wanda points out her killer.

Some time later, the Quiet Council convenes to try Toad, who has confessed to the murder of Wanda. Wanda attempts to argue in his favor, stating that no harm was done, but the Council decides to sentence him to exile. As he is swallowed by Krakoa, he screams that Wanda tore the Brotherhood apart, turned her back on her father, and that Toad did it all for Magneto. As the Avengers prepare to depart, Wanda tells them that she is staying behind to attend to some family matters, and to continue to fight for Toad's release.

As Wanda prepares to put her plan into motion, she asks if Magneto will stand by her, but he abruptly departs, giving her his blessing. Magneto retreats home, and breaks down in tears. During the night of Wanda's murder, Wanda makes a proposal to Magneto; to find redemption for her past actions, Wanda wishes to help mutantkind by creating a way to resurrect mutants who died before they could be backed-up by Cerebro. In order to do this, she first needs to go through the resurrection process herself, and asks Magneto to kill her. While reluctant at first, Magneto finally consents, and swears that he will hide the fact that the two of them conspired to do this from the rest of Krakoa.

To conduct the ritual that will make this possible, Wanda asks Polaris, Legion and Proteus, the children of Krakoa's founders, to aid her in the ritual. The ritual fails at first, and Lorna suggests that Wanda needs to take her place, stating that she is as much Magneto's daughter as Polaris is. With Wanda in her place, the ritual is a success.

20 million mutants that died before they could be backed-up are added to the resurrection queue, among them Joanne Beaubier, Northstar's adopted daughter who died in infancy. Another mutant who is resurrected is the long-deceased Thunderbird. He is welcomed to Krakoa by his old teammates Storm and Banshee.

As Magneto and Polaris watch on, Exodus sits down to tell the children of Krakoa a new story, together with Wanda. It is the story of how the "pretender" became the "redeemer".

Solicit Synopsis


The mystery surrounding Magneto and Scarlet Witch is resolved. The guilty will be judged, the innocent absolved, the victims avenged…and all shall endure their own trials.


  • In an interview with the X-Reads Podcast, Leah Williams confirmed the dragon was Ned Ralston.[1]

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