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Quote1.png I have beaten the man I love, your king, half to death. And now we are going to break into his palace. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Worlds Apart Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Worlds Apart Part 3"

Cyclops survives the crash of the Blackbird and commandeers a plane from the Yuma Municipal airport.

In Wakanda, Storm and Black Panther (under the control of the Shadow King) fight in the forest. Although Storm does not want to hurt T'Challa, she must fight for her life. Finally, she overcomes him and he says he has broken free of the Shadow King. T'Challa asks Storm to help him up, but she kicks him in the face, knowing that the real T'Challa would never ask for help.

With T'Challa unconscious, Storm and Gentle return him to the palace under a cover of fog. Storm breaks in and goes to the altar of the Panther God, where she and T'Challa were first married. As N'Gassi and the Wakanda army arrives to arrest her, Storm prays to the the Panther God and convinces her to prove to the Wakandan people that Storm is the rightful ruler. After she prays, several panthers come from around the city, walk through the army, and bow to Storm. The army drops their guns and bows to their queen.

Storm and Gentle take T'Challa to get medical attention, then take a plane to fly to San Fransisco to stop Cyclops. However, they are too late as Cyclops arrives at Greymalkin Industries and attacks Emma Frost and Pixie.

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