Quote1 You'll thank me later, Ms. Munroe. But calm yourselves. I promised no harm would come to you, and I meant it. Standing against your own kind won you the hearts and minds of every normal citizen of Westchester, and for that, I can't thank you enough. You paves the way for everything I've done here... But I'm afraid the era of the extreme is over. The world that's coming deserves a better class of mutant. One that isn't burdened by all those pouches filled with aggression and inner turmoil. You're wrong, Captain Summers. This isn't a trap. It's therapy. Quote2
-- Director Cassandra Nova Xavier

Appearing in "Chapter Two: Here Comes Tomorrow"Edit

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• Cassandra Nova gives everyone’s favorite X-men a tour of the Clear Mountain Project – a rehabilitation center for evil mutants!

• Including one-on-one basketball – Toad Vs. Blob!

• PLUS: Professor X gets attacked on the psychic plane!

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