Quote1.png Your miserable existence has been defined by stealing from others -- their power, their bodies, even their minds! With Nova, you had a chance at being something greater -- but you allowed your own thirst for power and control to poison the both of you. You fail to understand that power stolen is never as strong as power shared. My first lesson to my X-Men was how to work as a team. Perhaps it's time I take you to school! Quote2.png
-- Professor X (Charles Xavier)

Appearing in "Chapter Eight: Evolution"

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  • Wolverine's Motorcycle (Destruction)

Synopsis for "Chapter Eight: Evolution"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • X-Force is on the scene after Kelly's attempted assassination.
  • Your favorite X-team of the 90's has been brainwashed beyond recognition by Cassandra Nova...and are now her 'New' X-Men!

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