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Future X-Men
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Eye-Man, Husk, No-Girl, Phoenix, Kate Pryde, Sasquatch, Sentinel-X, Thunderbird, Wiccan, Widget

Students: Carmen Drake, Rose Logan, Charlene Xavier, Summer Grey, Warren Worthington IV, Kubrick Quire, She-Sentinel 17, Barry the Wendigo, C'vrrrk Bludskuul of the Brood
Information-silk Former Members
Banshee, Chamber, Colossus, Ice Master, Shark-Woman, Anole, Majestrix Ava'vadara, Original X-Men, Beast, Daken, Dazzler, Gladiator, Ice Thing, Molly Hayes, Kymera, Magik, Multiple Man, Katherine Pryde, Rogue, Storm, Tempus, Xavier, Xorn, Wolverine (Jubes Lee), Wolverine (Laura Kinney)
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Time Variance Authority, Interstellar Committee on Superhuman Arms Control, Bureau of Mass Destruction, Shark-Woman's X-Force, Captain China, Worthington Industries, Anole Industries , Krakoa Corps, Cyclops' X-Men, Wolverine's X-Men,
time-displaced X-Men, Sentinels


When Magik attempted to time-travel with past Beast and past Iceman to the future, they learned that the future was not bad as a "future X-Men" told them. There they were confronted by the future X-Men that were based in the Jean Grey School.[1]


Weapons: Soulsword


Only one of the X-Men is unseen and unidentified:

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