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Quote1 The Terrigen Cloud is toxic. It's going to kill every mutant on the planet in a matter of weeks. The X-Men-- and I'm talking all two bazillion fo them-- are taking a shot at the cloud. The Inhumans won't like that. Quote2
-- Deadpool


Similarly to their counterpart in the Prime Marvel Universe, the X-Men rallied together to destroy the Terrigen Cloud roaming the Earth, which was lethal to mutants. Due to this turn of events, Deadpool asked his teammates at the Mercs for Money whether they would stand with the X-Men or not.[1]

It's unknown what happened to the X-Men once Negasonic Teenage Warhead used her reality-warping powers to render the Terrigen Cloud harmless to mutants in hopes to prevent the conflict. But at some point during the five years that passed after Inhuman zealots attacked mutantkind, thinking the change of the cloud was profane, both Magneto[2] and Magik died. Several mutants who used to be X-Men, namely Goldballs, Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler, Polaris and Xorn, lived together with Negasonic Teenage Warhead in an abandoned temple in Cambodia.[1]

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