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Operation: Zero Tolerance led to the incarceration or elimination of super-humans. The reality hopping Exiles were sent to this world on their first mission. Instructed to find this reality's "greatest leader", they incorrectly believed it to be Charles Xavier. Upon freeing Xavier, they soon learned that the Xavier of this reality was not the peaceful man they all knew, but a genocidal maniac seething with hatred for humans.[1] Knocking out the Exiles with a psi-bolt, Xavier soon freed a number of super-humans to form his team of X-Men.

The group included Charles' step-brother Cain Marko the Juggernaut, the flaming Human Torch, Domino, Spider Woman, and Chamber. They followed Xavier in attacking the New York Stock Exchange, the first step in their attempt to force their supremacy on the human race. They were opposed by members of the Exiles. Most of Xavier's recruits were knocked out in battle against the Exiles. Xavier unleashed his mental powers on the Exile's co-leader Mimic, forcing him to kill Xavier to save himself.[2]

Following Xavier's death, the fate of the other X-Men remains unknown; however, it's entirely likely that they were placed back into incarceration.


  • Most of the past history of Earth-1815 is unknown, however evidence shows that it has had an age of heroes prior to the implementation of Operation: Zero Tolerance. However it is unknown if either Xavier or his rival Magneto ever formed a team of X-Men prior to their mutual incarcerations.

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