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The origins and history of the X-Men of Earth-21993 mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts. However, there would be a divergence point when Professor X would return to Earth following being a captive of the Skrulls. Finding that his X-Men were in disarray, he would call together a meeting between the X-Men, New Mutants and X-Factor. During the meeting Xavier and Cable would come to an argument over the course of action that mutants would have to take in dealing with threats against their race. Finding that Cable was a detriment to their cause, Xavier would drive Cable and the New Mutants into battling the X-Men and X-Factor and leaving. Deciding that Xavier was a threat that needed to be neutralized, Cable would assassinate Xavier, Cyclops and Marvel Girl.[1]

Their deaths would divide the X-Men into two camps, one lead by Storm seeking to bring Cable to justice, and another led by Wolverine bent on vengeance and the elimination of all the X-Men's foes. While mutants like Jubilee and Banshee would die at the hands of the X-Men's foes others would pick sides. Forge, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Beast, Captain Britain, Polaris, Strong Guy and Siryn would join Storm's side, while Havok, Dazzler, Jubilee, Psylock and Archangel would join Wolverine's. Learning of the X-Men's death evil mutants would begin targeting the group killing off many of their members, and staging attacks all over the world, prompting the government to reinstate operation Wide Awake. Wolverine's group would ultimately catch up with the New Mutants and Wolverine would slay Cable. During this time, Magneto would attempt to unite all the worlds mutants under a common banner, many from the ranks of the X-Men would end up joining Magneto's team, especially from Wolverine's camp when it became apparent that Wolverine's obsessions with revenge were getting the better of him.[2]

When Magneto proved to be too powerful, the government would rig Sentinels with nuclear weapons, prompting the over confident Magneto to accidentally detonate the missiles killing himself and all them mutants in his care, including of the X-Men who defected to him. Other surviving mutants were either eliminated by Sentinels or placed in mutant concentration camps. Wolverine, realizing the errors of his ways would come across the dying body of Sabastian Shaw, who would pass onto him a device that would allow him and those in his proximity to be immune to the Sentinels. Breaking into one of the concentration camps, Wolverine would liberate Ice Man, Sunder, Amphibious, Siryn and La Bandera to form a new team of X-Men.[3]

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