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Xavier Institute, Salem Center, Westchester County, NY


The X-Men were a group of mutants founded by Professor Charles Xavier. Mutants, or Homo Superiors, were born with superhuman abilities due to a sudden leap in evolution which generally manifested themselves at puberty. Mutants were often hated and feared because they were unlike humans. As a response Xavier created his School For Gifted Youngsters to provide a safe environment where mutants could learn to control their powers. The X-men fought for a future where humans and mutants could live together in peace.[citation needed]

After some time, the X-Men seemed to have succeeded in their mission and became media heroes. However, they had also never been really tested in battle. Xavier was worried about the state of the team and about strange mutant presences detected by Cerebro, but his superior, Forge, ignored his premonitions. Eventually, the X-Men were attacked and almost slaughtered by Apocalypse and his troops. Former X-Men, Cyclops and Phoenix, came to help. While Xavier died killing Apocalypse, Phoenix took out his troops, destroying most of Washington in the process. Jean and Scott took over the school, raising a new mutant generation in a now more hostile climate.[citation needed]

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