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The Beginnings

Professor Charles Xavier had created the team of gifted mutants to help mankind. They have been created to deal with human prejudice and destructive mutants. First, Xavier had individually approached Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel and Jean Grey. Their first battle against Magneto had proved that the master of magnetism was able to be defeated by children, as despite his seeming victory over the group initially, he failed to stop himself from being struck with an optic blast by Cyclops with the aid of Jean Grey.[1]

Adding to the Ranks

Charles approached Nightcrawler while he was being treated poorly for his appearance in his homeland,[2] and Storm while she was a child and continued to pickpocket.[3] Along the lines, Xavier also recruited Shadowcat and Colossus and invited Wolverine to the institute as well.[4]

Fall and Return to Grace

The team was disbanded when the Xavier mansion was attacked by Emma Frost and the Cuckoos, which triggered Jean's Phoenix powers and to her led to her disappearance and the explosion of the school.[4][5]

Cyclops retreated to an apartment to morn the loss of Jean, Iceman's and Kitty moved back to their parents' homes, Colossus went back to Russia and [6] Storm returned to her home in Africa.[3] Beast was the only one to remain at the institute working in his lab, while Logan resumed his travels around the world.[4] When the MRD began arresting anyone remotely connected to mutants and Senator Kelly's movement for Mutant Registration was gaining support Wolverine decided it was time that the team should reunite.[4]

After getting Iceman and Kitty back, Logan was contacted by Emma, who had secretly taken Xavier to the shores of Genosha and was now claiming she wanted to help the X-Men find him. As promised, she led them to him and, upon retrieving a comatose Charles, the X-Men accepted Emma into their ranks.[7][5]

With the help, of a future version of Charles, the X-Men regained some of their old members and fought to avoid an apocalyptic future, where machines were the rulers of the world.[8]

When they finally found Jean, it was revealed that Emma was a spy for Inner Circle, a secret cult who has been looking for the next host of the fiery Phoenix. With Jean safely at Xavier's, Emma knocked everyone out and took her to the Hellfire Club.[9]

There, Emma led a telepathic excursion into Jean's mind to open the various mental blocks Xavier placed, in the hopes of releasing the Phoenix into the atmosphere, where it'd most likely be destroyed.[10] However, after opening the first door, Jean sensed the deception because of her psychic link to Scott Summers, thus forcing Emma and the Cuckoos out. Realizing she required Scott, Emma asked that the Circle postponed until she retrieved him. The Circle mocked her attachment to the X-Men and revealed their revised plan: to use the Phoenix for devastating purposes. Warning them that the Phoenix was too powerful to control, she instructed them not to do anything until she returned.[11]

After saving Scott, Emma was exposed by Selene and Jean used her telekinesis to violently pin the blonde telepath to the wall before leaving. After a message from the future for Logan to trust somebody he was unable to comprehend, he realized it must have meant he was supposed to trust Emma Frost, so he freed her, thus allowing her to sacrifice herself to contain the Phoenix. Her last words were to ask for Scott's forgiveness before dying and exploding, leaving only her dead diamond shards falling from the sky, preventing the Sentinel Apocalypse once and for all.[5]

The line-up of the team after the confrontation with the Phoenix (the whereabouts of Bobby are unknown)





After X-Men Evolution and the X-Men Film Series making exceptions to the rule, this X-Men team once again had the original members from the comics, i.e. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast (without fur), Angel and Iceman.

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