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Xavier Institute, Westchester, New York
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Professor Charles Xavier had created the team of gifted mutants to help mankind. They have been created to deal with human prejudice and destructive mutants. First, Xavier had individually approached Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel and Jean Grey. Their first battle against Magneto had proved that the master of magnetism was able to be defeated by children, as despite his seeming victory over the group initially, he failed to stop himself from being struck with an optic blast by Cyclops with the aid of Jean Grey. Charles approached Nightcrawler while he was being treated poorly for his appearance in his homeland, and Storm while she was a child and continued to pickpocket . Along the lines, Xavier had also recruited Shadowcat and Colossus and invited Wolverine to the institute as well. During the Wolverine's arrival into the Xavier institute, he saw Jean as he arrived with his motorcycle and was met with jealously and annoyance by Cyclops when he continued to make hints that he liked her.

The team was disbanded when the Xavier mansion was attacked by an unknown assailant, targeting Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey as they were telepaths. The two go missing in the immediate aftermath. The resulting incident caused the X-Men team to disband and go their separate ways. Cyclops retreated to an apartment to morn the loss of Jean, Storm returned to her home in Africa, and Iceman's and Kitty moved back to their parents' homes. Beast was the only one to remain at the institute working in his lab. When the MRD began arresting anyone remotely connected to mutants and Senator Kelly's movement for Mutant Registration was gaining support Wolverine decided it was time that the team should reunite.


Transportation: Blackbird


  • In 2007, Marvel Studios will put out a new X-Men animated show that will primarily feature Wolverine, this time using a mesh of 2D/3D animation for characters and backgrounds. Avi Arad, CEO of Marvel Studios, stated "X-Men is one of Marvel's crown jewels and it makes sense to focus on the popular Wolverine character for our second animation project."


Just like in the comics during the 1960s (along with most of the other adaptations with the exceptions of X-Men Evolution and the X-Men Film Series), The members of the original X-Men team that was founded by Professor Xavier had consisted of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast (without fur), Angel and Iceman.

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